Monitor Cisco WLC with PRTG

You can use PRTG to do a basic monitoring of your Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC).

On this example, I'm using the free PRTG Version (which supports up to 100 sensors for free) to monitor:
  • number of active wifi users
  • WLC Uptime
  • WLC Gigabit interface traffic
  • basic Ping monitoring

To do it, you just need to enable the SNMP on the WLC (menu Management > SNMP > Communities > Create (or Edit) public):

Then, enable the SNMP on the PRTG for this device:

To monitor the system uptime, interface traffic and ping, you just need to run a "Recommend Sensors" now, and it will offer you those (and maybe more sensors).

I wasn't able to find the number of Wifi users automatically, so I had to add it manually.

To do it, add a SNMP Custom sensor: Add Sensor > SNMP > SNMP Custom String:

On Sensor Name, type "Number of Wifi Users" or other information. Then, on "OID Value", type:

Save it and wait some time until the first results on PRTG screen.

Very simple and useful. Now you can have a history of users on your wifi network.

To check if the information of the first image is correct, you can double check on the WLC also: